The basic Sale add-on configuration determines the rules to calculate and display sale prices applied to products and categories in the store Admin area and in the storefront.

To configure the basic rules of the sale prices representation, open the Sale add-on settings page in your store Admin area:

Here you can define the following settings:

  • Display the “Products on sale” block in the storefront: If this option is on, a “Sale” block is displayed on the store homepage. The “Sale” block contains only the products that have sale price enabled for them.

  • Display only the products on sale which are in the category being viewed (or its subcategories): This option determines what products are displayed in the “Sale” block on the category pages in the storefront. If the setting is turned ON, the “Sale” block displays the discounted products only from the viewed category.

  • The maximum number of products to be displayed in the “Products on sale” block: Set the number of products displayed in a line in the “Sale” block in the storefront.

  • How to handle multiple sale discounts: Choose the mode to calculate and display discounts in your store.

    The available options are as follows:
    - Apply maximum discount (default value): The maximum available discount rate will be applied to and displayed for a product in the storefront.
    - Apply minimum discount: The minimum available discount rate will be applied to and displayed for a product in the storefront.
    - Combine discounts: All available discounts will apply to a product with the total discount rate displayed in the storefront.

  • How to display links to sale offers in the category menu: Choose the mode to display the links to sale offers in the customer storefront.

    The available options are as follows:
    - Do not display;
    - Display under categories list (default value);
    - Display above categories list.

Display under categories list


Display above categories list


The "Display above categories list" mode applies only to a sale offer created with the “List sale products in a separate section” option enabled (see more info on the properties set-up in Creating a Sale Offer.)

  • Allow vendors to manage sale discounts for their own products (Multivendor edition only): The setting defines if vendors are permitted to edit existing sale offers created by a store admin and apply the sale offers to their products.

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