The design of your X-Cart store, as your clients see it, is determined by the design theme installed in your store. A theme (sometimes called a skin) is a design template that defines how your online store looks and feels. Different design templates have different styles and layouts, and they offer a different experience for your customers.

Although every theme/skin is different, there are still common features. They all let you use the same types of pages with a standard set of elements. Besides that, X-Cart provides means of navigation that allow your store visitors to quickly and conveniently move to the page of your site that they require.

Newer versions of X-Cart come with two themes/skins: Crisp White and Standard (Standard is deprecated starting with X-Cart 5.4.x). In addition, more design templates can be downloaded and installed from X-Cart App Store.

Themes only determine the design of your store's storefront part and do not affect the Admin area layout.

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