The design of your X-Cart store as your clients see it is determined by the design theme that is installed in your store. A theme (sometimes called a skin) is a design template that determines the way your online store looks and feels. Different design templates have different styles and layouts, and they offer a different experience for your customers.

Newer versions of X-Cart come with two themes/skins: Crisp White and Standard (Standard is deprecated starting with X-Cart 5.4.x). More design templates can be downloaded and installed from X-Cart App Store.

Themes determine the design only of your store's storefront part; the design of the Admin area does not change when you change your store's theme.

Information on the management of your store's design themes / skins (how to install themes, how to change your store's current theme, etc.) can be found here:

Although every theme or skin is different, all of them have some common features. All of them let you use the same types of pages, and all the pages include some standard elements. For information on X-Cart page types and elements, see:

For information on the management of pages, see:

X-Cart provides means of navigation that allow your store visitors to quickly and conveniently move to the page of your site that they require. To learn more about navigation elements, see:

For information on the management of navigation elements, see:

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