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Learn about the means of navigation in your X-Cart-based store

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X-Cart provides means of navigation that allow your store visitors to quickly and conveniently move to the page of your site that they require:

Site Menus

Your X-Cart-based store has two default menus that appear on every page: the Primary menu and the Footer menu.

The store's Primary menu displays as items across the width of the header. For a typical customer, your store's primary menu will be the place to find information about your products and contact details, like the "Contact us" page.

Your store's Primary menu will have some preset menu items.

Depending on the version of X-Cart you are using, and the add-ons enabled in your store, the set of menu items in your Primary menu may be slightly different. However, typically you will find some or all of the following items:

  • Home: The main page of your online store.

  • Hot deals: The menu item with a drop-down submenu. Here your store visitors will find links to pages generated by such add-ons as Sale, Bestsellers, and Special Offers.

  • Shipping: The page describing your store shipping policy and delivery options available.

  • New!: The page that lists your store's new arrivals. The page content is formed automatically based on the Product Advisor add-on settings.

  • Coming soon: The page that lists products scheduled to arrive. The page content is formed automatically based on the "Arrival date" set for products.

  • My Account: Information about the user's addresses and orders (for logged-in users only).

  • Contact us: The page with your company contact information. For more info about the page content, see Enabling the Contact Us Form.

You can edit or delete the default menu items and add new ones instead, as well as add a drop-down menu from any of the menu items in the primary menu. A drop-down menu is a sub-menu from the main menu item and is usually displayed as a list connected to the main menu item. Drop-down menus are a good way of organizing similar items: groups of web pages, blog posts, store policies, products, or product categories.

The Footer menu is a group of links across the width of the footer. A customer will probably check it to find information about your store policies and sitemap.

The default Footer menu looks as follows:

The management of menus in X-Cart is implemented via the add-on Simple CMS.

You can add, remove, or edit the default menu items and change the default menu representation.

For information on the management of menus, see:

Category Menus

The representation of categories in your store's catalog depends on the store design theme (skin) that you are using. In most cases, you will find the list of your store's categories in the left-hand side column of your catalog pages. For example, in Crisp White skin, the store homepage displays categories as follows:

The rest of the pages in your store's catalog display categories as a block on the left-hand side of the page. For example, below, you can see how the categories block displays:

  • on the Fashion category page;

  • on the Sale page.

If necessary, you can change the position of the categories block or delete it.

  • In a store based on X-Cart 5.5.x, you can do this using the Storefront Builder.

  • In a store based on X-Cart 5.4.x and earlier, you can do this using X-Cart's Layout Editor.

Alternatively, you can transform the default categories representation into horizontal menus. See:

It is also possible to adjust the representation of your store's categories using add-ons:


Breadcrumb navigation is provided in X-Cart versions 5.4.x and earlier.


For elements displayed in lists that do not fit on one page (for example, products in a category), your X-Cart-based store can provide pagination. Information about some store settings that will affect pagination is available here:

If you wish, you can install add-ons that will modify your store's behavior related to pagination; for example:

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