The add-on Horizontal Flyout Categories Menu moves the categories list to the horizontal bar with a drop-down menu.

To install the add-on, follow the instructions from Installing Add-ons from X-Cart App Store.

Once the add-on has been installed and enabled, proceed to the add-on settings page to configure it. The add-on settings page is divided into three sections:

  • “Single-column” layout settings section

    • Depth of the menu levels: The setting defines how many category levels are displayed in the top menu. If the setting value is set to, e.g., 1, the menu will display the root categories only.

  • “Multicolumn” layout settings

    • Use multicolumn layout for subcategories: If enabled, only the 1st level subcategories are displayed in the multiple column view. The number of columns should be set on the category settings page:

      If the value of the Number of columns in multicolumn layout option on the category settings page is set to 0, the system will use the default field’s value from the add-on settings page.

    • Use 2 levels of subcategories in multicolumn layout: If enabled, 2 levels of subcategories are displayed in the multiple column view.

    • Number of columns in multicolumn layout: The value stands for the number of columns in a submenu.

      The value defined here works only if the option of the same name on the category settings page is set to 0. Otherwise, the system uses the value defined on the category settings page.

    • Width of the column in multicolumn layout: Set the preferred width of a submenu in pxl. The minimum required value is 180.

  • General settings

    • Show number of products in category: If enabled, the number of products in a category is displayed next to the category’s name.

    • Wrap long category names: If enabled, the long category names are wrapped.

    • Show category triangles: If enabled, a tiny triangle is displayed next to the names of categories that include subcategories. Categories that do not contain subcategories will not be furnished with a triangle.

    • Show icons for categories: If enabled, the (sub)category icons are displayed before the (sub)category name starting from submenu level 1. An icon should be assigned to a (sub)category on the (sub)category management page. If there is no icon assigned to a particular (sub)category, the default image is displayed.

    • Display Home link at first position on top menu: If enabled, the Home link (following to the homepage) is added to the top menu.

    Using this setting will not result in an automatic Home link relocation. For example, if you have a Home link in the top head menu at the moment, this option will add another Home link at the first position and will not replace or remove the current one.

    See more info on the menus management in Adding New Menu Items.

    Be sure to save the changes when you are done. Then, to see your changes on the storefront, clear the browser widget cache.

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