Enabling the Contact Us Form

Learn how to enable and manage a form on your X-Cart store site for visitors to contact you or your store's managers.

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Your store can have a "Contact us" form that your customers can use to contact the store's staff (for example, the store's administrator or customer service department):

The form is enabled by a free add-on called Contact us. You can check whether this add-on is installed and enabled at your store via the Apps > My Apps section:

If the add-on is not installed for some reason, you can get it from X-Cart App Store (See Installing Add-ons from X-Cart App Store).

The add-on settings page allows you to control the "Contact us" form configuration:

  • Enable form: Turn the toggle on to make the form accessible for the store users. When enabled, the "Contact us" form is available via the link /?target=contact_us.

    For example, if your store's address is http://www.example.com/ your customers can access the form at http://www.example.com/?target=contact_us.

    When the form is disabled, users attempting to access it get the "Access denied" page.

  • Email address of the message recipient: Use this field to specify who will receive the messages submitted via the "Contact us" form.

    If this field is left empty, the HelpDesk/Support service emails will be used (see Store Profile for details).

  • Show email as text: Enable this option to display the recipient's email address to customers on the Contact Us page in the storefront.

    In case the "Email address of the message recipient" field value is empty, the page will display the email defined for HelpDesk/Support Service emails in your store profile in the store Admin area (Store Setup -> Store Profile (ex. Contact information)).

You can protect the "Contact us" form with reCAPTCHA - a free Web service that helps prevent automated abuse of your site. Your online store uses reCAPTCHA to prevent automated submission of the "Contact us" form and ensure that only humans submit it.

The reCAPTCHA option is enabled by the add-on Google reCAPTCHA. If the add-on Google reCAPTCHA is installed and enabled, specify the Site key and Secret key values on the Contact Us add-on settings page.

If your store uses the Simple CMS add-on by the X-Cart team, the link to the" Contact us" form appears in your store's Primary menu:

You can control the accessibility of the "Contact us" form link via the Primary menu tab of the Menus page (Content > Menus) in the Admin area:

Using clean URLs, you can adjust the clean URL alias for the Contact Us page in the [clean_url_aliases] section of your store's configuration file XCART_DIRECTORY/etc/config.php.

; Add clean URL aliases for special pages.
; Use the following format:
; target = "clean-url"
contact_us = "contact-us"

By default, the alias is "contact-us."

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