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Loyalty Program Landing Page

Learn how to set up the landing page for your store's Loyalty Program.

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The Loyalty Program landing page is managed via the "Loyalty Program Details page" property on the add-on settings page.

By default, the landing page is a built-in template that you should enable on the Menus page of your store's Admin area (Content -> Menus).

It adds the Loyalty Program page to the storefront header menu when enabled.

The page content is stored in labels. A store admin can edit the page content as described here.

If required, it is possible to change the default content of the Loyalty Program page to one of the existing store pages, e.g., Terms and Conditions, Shipping, etc., or even create a custom page.

For this purpose:

  • decide what existing page content to use to describe the Loyalty Program Terms, or create a new page as described here;

  • set the page as the Loyalty Program Details page on the add-on settings page;

  • add the Loyalty Program terms to the page content in the Content -> Pages section of your store's Admin area.

Below you can see how the default page content will change, depending on the source page selected as the Loyalty Program Details page:

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Shipping

It is also possible to edit the page content directly in the storefront, using the built-in Theme Tweaker tools.

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