Secure Trading Payment Setup

Learn how to configure the Secure Trading payment system in your store.

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To enable Secure Trading as a payment method in your online store, add it to the list of your store's active payment methods:

  1. In your store's Admin area, go to the Payment Methods page (Store Setup > Payment Methods). In the Online methods section, click Add payment method:


  2. In the popup that appears, find the Secure Trading method and click Add:



    If the Secure Trading payment is not installed in your online store at the time of adding the method, there will be an Install button instead of Add:


    ​Use this button to install the payment integration add-on and add the method.

  3. You will be redirected to the payment settings page to configure it:


    Here you will need to define the following settings:

    • Site reference: Specify the unique reference that you received when signing up with Secure Trading.

    • Site security Password: Specify the password for your site reference in this field.

    • Web service login: Specify your web service login.
      To get your web service login, sign in to MyST and add a user with the "Webservices" role to your account as described below:

      • Navigate to the MyST sign-in page. Sign in using your provided username and password.

      • Click "Add new username" from the left-side menu.

      • Fill in the following fields (all required).

        • Username: Web Services usernames are email addresses with a maximum length of 255 (maximum of 64 characters before the "@" symbol).

        • New password: Set up a password.

        • Role: Ensure you select "Webservices".

        • Valid IP networks: In the interest of security, you are required to enter your system's IP (or range of IPs) in this field. Secure Trading will only accept Web Services requests originating from this IP. This means that even if your Web Services credentials have been compromised, requests cannot be performed without access to your IP network. You can separate multiple IP addresses with either a semicolon (;) or a comma (,). Ranges of IPs may be specified by using a netmask in the format

        • Role if invalid IP: Must be set to "Prevent login."

    • Web service password: Specify the password defined in the previous step.

    • Prefix for transaction id: If you use the same account to accept payments from more than one X-Cart store, use this field to set an invoice number prefix for this store. The prefix will serve as an identifier of the store and help you avoid the "duplicate invoice number" type. It's recommended to limit the length of the invoice prefix to 9 characters. Larger prefixes will be cut before transaction initialization.

    • Auth Method: Select the auth method.

      Mastercard Europe has mandated that Mastercard and Maestro's transactions processed with certain European acquiring banks must be flagged as either pre-authorization or final authorization. Such transactions are subject to acquirer-specific conditions. We recommend that you contact your acquirer for information on whether this mandate applies to your configuration and to clarify whether to process your transactions as pre-authorizations or final authorizations. Selecting PRE for Auth Method will also flag VISA transactions as PRE. Note that VISA does not support the FINAL option.

  4. Save the configuration settings.

The payment method is added to the list:


If necessary, add the payment description or change the payment name in the Names, Descriptions & Sorting tab of the Store Setup -> Payment Methods section in the Admin area.


The payment position at checkout will be as defined on this page, i.e., if this is the first active payment method, it will display first at checkout.

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