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Migrate from X-Cart 4 to X-Cart 5
Migrate from X-Cart 4 to X-Cart 5

General overview of the migration procedure.

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If you are an X-Cart v4 (aka XC4) store-based owner and want to upgrade it to X-Cart v5 (aka XC5), you can do it using the X-Cart v4 to v5 Data Migration Wizard. This wizard is aimed at helping a store owner to migrate data from an XC4-based store to XC5. Besides that, it will be necessary to install a new X-Cart 5 store beforehand and re-implement any possible custom features manually afterward.

A store owner has three possible routes to do the upgrade:

  1. Do the upgrade on their own (DIY option);

  2. Hire X-Cart Team to perform the upgrade (Professional and Custom options);

  3. Hire a 3rd party company to complete the upgrade (DIY option + whatever agreement a store owner comes up with 3rd party).

You can check the detailed description of each option on our website

If you have decided to do the XC4 -> XC5 upgrade on your own, follow the steps below:

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