Step 2: Initial Data Migration

A list of Step 2 actions when migrating from XC4 to XC5.

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The initial data transfer is the second step of your X-Cart v4-based store migration to v5.


  1. Make sure the migration environment is prepared as described in Step 1: Migration environment.

  2. Make sure a new X-Cart 5 software is installed as described in the Installation Guide.

  3. Ensure the X-Cart v4 to v5 Data Migration Wizard add-on is installed and enabled.

    The X-Cart v4 to v5 Data Migration Wizard add-on requires the Order Import add-on for correct functioning. Hence, the Order Import add-on installs automatically alongside the migration wizard installation if you did not enable it beforehand.

Initial data migration is performed with the help of the X-Cart v4 to v5 Data Migration Wizard installed on a new X-Cart 5 store. The data migration covers all the data specified in the "What Data Are Migrated?" guide.

You can run a quick demo migration if you have a vast database and want to know how your data will fit into a new X-Cart v5-based store without migrating the entire database.

All the data migration steps are described in detail in the guides of this section.

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