XC4 to XC5 Migration Wizard

Step 1 supportive article: An overview of the Migration Wizard add-on facilities.

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The X-Cart v4 to v5 Data Migration Wizard add-on migrates data from an XC4-based online store to X‑Cart 5.

You can find general instructions on the add-on installation in Installing Add-ons from X-Cart App Store.

The add-on can migrate almost all types of X-Cart 4 data to X-Cart 5. See the complete list of data being transferred here.

It also performs the overall check of your X-Cart 4 store environment and recommends the add-ons you should enable in X-Cart 5 to match the functionality.

This way, after a data transfer, you only need to adjust your store’s look and feel, install the missing add-ons and configure the settings that are not present in X-Cart 4.

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