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Does X-Cart 5 Have to Be On the Same Server?
Does X-Cart 5 Have to Be On the Same Server?

Step 1 supportive article: Learn your options on the XC5 store installation for the migration process.

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The short answer is no, but there are subtle details.

There are three possible cases of how you can install the X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5 stores.

  1. You install X-Cart 5 on the same server as X-Cart 4. In this case, everything will work.

  2. You want to install X-Cart 5 on another server (some test server, local machine, etc.). If you transfer the entire X-Cart 4 store there, everything will work just fine as well.

    To make X-Cart 4 transfer easier, you can only transfer X-Cart 4’s database and the following directories to save you some time:

    • <X-Cart>/images/;

    • <X-Cart>/skin/common_files/pages/;

    • <X-Cart>/files/ (if you have e-goods).

    Put the database to the MySQL server and place these directories inside a folder that would pretend to be X-Cart 4 for our migration task.

  3. You want to install X-Cart 5 on a new server but keep X-Cart 4 on the old one. To make this case is possible, you need to:

    • make sure that the MySQL on X-Cart 4 server allows remote connections. Contact your hosting team about that if you face any troubles;

    • set the enable_copy_ext_images option in Migration Wizard’s settings to true.

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