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An overview of the Back In Stock Notifications add-on customer routine.

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The Back in Stock Notifications add-on allows registered and unregistered customers to subscribe to back-in-stock and price drop notifications. The process is quite the same, the only difference being that the unregistered customers have to specify their email. In contrast, the registered customers have this field predefined based on the customer account data.

While the back-in-stock subscriptions are available only for out-of-stock products, the price drop subscriptions work for both in-stock and out-of-stock products.

Customers can subscribe to notifications both on the product details page and on the product quick view page as shown on the screens below:

  • Product details page


  • Product quick view page


When they hit the "Notify me" button, a subscription pop-up appears where a customer can either confirm the subscription or enter the email (for unregistered customers) and confirm. In addition, if the "Allow customer to specify the product quantity they want to buy" option is enabled, it will also be possible to specify the number of items they need.

  • Confirmation pop-up


  • Subscription confirmation on the product details page


  • Subscription confirmation on the product quick view page


For the price drop notifications, customers will also be able to specify the price they want to pay if the "Allow customer to specify the price they want to pay" option is enabled:

  • Product details page


  • Confirmation pop-up


  • Subscription confirmation on the product details page


When the requested product is back in stock or its price declines, the customer will receive the respective type of email notification and will be able to go to the store and purchase the product using a link contained in the message:

  • Back-in-stock notification


  • Price drop notification


The above notifications use the default text. You can edit the notification text in the Store Setup -> Email Notifications section of the Admin area described in Email Notifications.

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