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Handling Canada Post Returns
Handling Canada Post Returns

Learn how to process return requests from customers for Canada Post shipments.

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PREREQUISITES: The feature requires the Order Returns add-on installation.

You can find return requests submitted by shoppers wishing to return items shipped to them by Canada Post in the Returns section of the Admin area (Orders > Returns). The return requests are displayed as a list:


New requests have the status “Issued.” This status means that you need to review the request and either approve or reject it.

You can view the details of any request on the list by clicking on the respective Order number link in the first column. In addition, the return details page allows you to see the products for return and to view the buyer’s note if provided:


You can either Authorize or Decline the request using the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the Order Return tab. Once the return request status is updated, X-Cart will send an email message to the buyer informing them whether their request has been approved or rejected.

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