PREREQUISITES: Make sure the Canada Post add-on is installed and enabled as described in Installing Add-ons from X-Cart App Store.

The regular way to configure the Canada Post add-on is to automatically port the settings into X-Cart by hitting the ‘Register’ button on the add-on settings page.

To start shipping with Canada Post:

  1. On the Shipping page of your store's Admin area (Store Setup -> Shipping), click Canada Post to open the settings page.

  2. On the Canada Post add-on settings page, click Register.

    You will be redirected to the Canada Post website, where you can sign up for a Canada Post account or sign in using your existing account:

    If you are already registered with Canada Post, X-Cart will automatically import the shipping settings after you click ‘Register.’

    Alternatively, you can click ‘Configure manually’ and set up the add-on yourself.

  3. Once you have completed the registration process or signed in, you will be redirected to your X-Cart store’s Admin area.

    X-Cart will automatically obtain your merchant API key (username and password) needed to connect to Canada Post, and it will be retrieved through the API, tested, and stored for future use in the store.

    However, you may still need to define some parcel characteristics (use the ‘Configure manually’ button on the addon settings page for the purpose).

    If you prefer to configure the Canada Post add-on manually, refer to the guides from Canada Post Manual Setup.

  4. Proceed to the Carrier Services tab of the settings page to see a list of supported Canada Post shipping methods:

    Look through the list of methods and ensure that the methods you wish to use are enabled. Disable any methods that you do not need. Be sure to save your changes by clicking Save changes.

  5. Ensure your company’s address has been configured on the Contact information page (Store setup > Contact information). This address will be used as your store’s “Ship from” address when calculating shipping rates.

    This must be a Canadian address, as shipping rates can be calculated only for orders shipped from Canadian locations.

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