To add a new banner, click the "New banner" button in the Content -> Banners section.


You will see a screen like the following:


Here you can define the basic banner settings:

  • Location: Choose one of the locations available

  • Position: If several banners are in one place, specify the banner position in the row.

  • Banner name: Specify the banner name here (mandatory field).

  • Categories: Choose one or several category pages to display the banner (optional).

  • Display on product pages: If you enable this checkbox, X-Cart will display the banner on all product pages of the selected category in the storefront. The option does not work if no category is selected.

  • Static pages: Choose one or several static pages to display the banner (optional).

  • Memberships: Choose memberships to limit banners to customers with these membership levels.

  • Show on home page: If enabled, the banner will display on the home page.

  • Show banner's pagination: If enabled, the banner pagination is displayed.

  • Show navigation arrows: If enabled, the pagination arrows are displayed.

  • Display this banner as parallax block: If enabled, your online store will use the image assigned to this banner in the "Banner images settings" section as a background that scrolls down slower than the page's main content. The picture for a parallax block should be big enough to fit the height and width of the page it's used at. If you do not set a parallax image, the banner will use the first one for the parallax effect. The parallax block will not display HTML banners.

  • Width, px: You can specify the width of the banner here. We recommend leaving this field empty for the image banners.

  • Height, px: You can specify the height of the banner here. We recommend leaving this field empty for the image banners and setting only the height for HTML banners.

  • Animation speed, in seconds: Specify the preferred animation speed in seconds in this field.

  • Delay in seconds: Specify the preferred delay in seconds in this field.

  • Rotation effect: Choose one of the available rotation effects for the banner.

  • Enabled: If enabled, the banner displays in the storefront.

    Recommended banner parameters for Retina and 4k displays:

    • image size 3840х880 px

    • JPG format with a 50%-80% compression

    • file size 100-300 kb

    You can use tools like ImageOptim and TinyPNG for banner optimization.

Click Save or Save & Close. You'll see the newly created banner in the list.


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