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Learn how to configure a Google product feed file.

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After configuring the Google shopping groups, you can proceed to the feed generation in the Feed Generation & Settings tab of the Google Product Feed section (Marketing -> Google Product Feed):

Click on the Generate feed button to get the feed link. Now you can click the link to download the generated feed file for further usage.

Follow the procedures described here to upload a feed file to a Google Merchant account.

The Google Product Feed section (Marketing -> Google Product Feed) also allows to configure the following options:

  • Set the frequency of product feed renewal. It can be either hourly, daily or weekly.

    This option is applicable if you upload the feed to Google Merchant via Scheduled Fetches.

    Please ensure you’ve configured your online store to run scheduled tasks to enable periodic feed updates.

  • Choose the feed behavior in case of duplicate product variants.
    It can be either ‘Export duplicates as separate products’ or ‘Export only the original product.’

    The variants with duplicate attributes will get a title with a suffix containing the attribute option values as a string. Google will do its best to handle such products properly.

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