Learn how to enable multicurrency for a store.

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If you sell worldwide, it makes sense to use the add-on Multicurrency to make purchases for your international customers easier. Allowing customers to shop in their native currency provides a more consistent and positive shopping experience and can encourage overall store conversion.

When considering using the add-on, keep in mind that the Multicurrency add-on supports the display-only type of currencies. This means that it allows to convert prices and all product-related costs from a default currency into a customer native currency and display it in the storefront and at checkout. However, X-Cart will process all transactions in a default store currency regardless of the currency used by a customer to place an order.

The Multicurrency add-on works in a bundle with the add-on Geolocation that uses a free “GeoLite2 Country” database by MaxMind.

The “GeoLite2 Country” database allows defining a customer’s location accurately to a country. If you need higher accuracy, you can upload other databases on the Geolocation add-on settings page.

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