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Learn how to set up a Square payments account.

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Before configuring the Square POS & Payments add-on in your X-Cart store Admin area, you need to get a Square account that provides access to Square Developer Dashboard. There you will find all the information required for the payment configuration in X-Cart.

Here is the guide to obtain all the information you need:

  1. If you have an existing Square account, use it to sign in to Square Seller Dashboard.

    If you do not yet have an account with Square, get one.

    • Start with the regular Square sign-up link or use the Get started button at https://squareup.com/us/en.

    • On the "Let’s create your account" page, specify your email address (will be used as your account ID), the password you want to use, and the country where your business is based. You will also need to agree to Square's terms, privacy policy, and e-sign consent:


      After doing so, click Continue to proceed to the next step.

    • In the next step, submit your business details. Note that the set of form fields to be completed will depend on your selected country.


      After you submit all the required information, you will get a Square account and automatically sign in to your Square Seller Dashboard.


  2. Create your Square app.

    • In your Square Seller Dashboard, click Apps:

    • Then, choose to visit Square App Marketplace:


    • In Square App Marketplace, navigate to Square Developer Platform:

    • On the next page, click Get started:

    • Choose to create a new app by clicking the Create Your First Application button (or New Application, if you already have some existing apps connected):

    • Specify your app name and agree to Square Developer Terms of Service:


      For the sake of example, we have completed the app creation form as follows:


    • Choose to save your app by clicking Save. Your app will be saved and added to the list of your apps.

      You will be able to access it from the Applications page in Square Developer Dashboard:


      and from the My Applications page in Square Seller Dashboard:


  3. Now you can get access to the information required to configure Square Payment in your store.

    Go to the details of the app you have created:

    • In the Developer Dashboard, click Open on the panel of the respective app:


    • In the Seller Dashboard, click Manage opposite the respective app on your app list:


  4. Complete your Square app setup and obtain the information you require for connection.

    Start by specifying the mode in which you will use your Square integration with your online store. For example, if you want to do some testing first, leave the application in Sandbox mode. Alternatively, to accept live payments, switch it to Production:


    Then make sure you are using the correct API version. On the Credentials page, scroll down to locate the section API Version and select the latest one.


    After properly setting the API version, scroll up the Credentials page. Here you will find your Application ID and Access Token. Do not close the page just yet, as you will need to copy some information from Square to your X-Cart store and back to complete the connection.

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