Managing Vendor Ratings

Learn how to manage vendor ratings set by customers.

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With the Multi-Vendor add-on enabled in X-Cart Marketplace, the store administrator has full control over the ratings with which buyers describe their shopping experience based on the level of service they get from vendors.

First, the store administrator can choose what type of vendor ratings they want. Marketplace stores can use vendor ratings based on "detailed categorized rating" and "product rating."

Vendor ratings based on "detailed categorized rating" are a feature available in the Multi-Vendor add-on by default. Such ratings are formed from order ratings provided by customers. The rating is done in the following categories:

  • Item description (whether the item received is as described);

  • Communication;

  • Shipping Speed (if applicable).

In each of the above-named categories, a customer whose order has been delivered can rate their shopping experience by giving one to five stars. The rating info provided by different customers for a vendor is summed up, and the resulting rating summary is shown as the overall vendor's rating.

Vendor ratings based on "product rating" are a feature available only in multi-vendor stores that use the Product reviews add-on. Such ratings result from an aggregation of product ratings that customers give to products they have purchased from vendors. See more info in Product Reviews Add-on: Usage with Marketplace.

Second, the store administrator can manage the "Customer has rated the order" email notification. For more info, see Managing Multi-Vendor Email Notifications.

Third, the store administrator can edit/adjust the ratings that vendors get from customers via the Vendor Ratings section (Users > Vendor Ratings):

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