You can specify the details of your X-Cart store connection to X-Payments by adjusting the Store Settings on the X-Payments Cloud Settings page:

  • Card Number Display Format: Specify the format to show card information (for example, VISA ************1111 or VISA 411111******1111 01/2027). Note that according to the PCI-DSS, the first six and last four digits are the maximum number of digits to be displayed.

  • Enable Subscription Management: Specify whether the user interface for the management of product subscription plans should be available:

    • ON = You can configure and manage subscription plans for products.

    • OFF = The management of subscriptions is turned off.

    Note that if you choose to disable subscription management, any active subscriptions started prior to the disabling of this setting will remain active until the subscription period expires.

  • Enable Delayed Payment mode: Specify whether your store should work in the Delayed Payment mode:

    • ON = Your site uses a checkout mode in which buyers can pre-order products or services from your site without having the order total amount collected from them before you finalize this amount.

      The payment processor you are using must support tokenization for this feature to work.

    • OFF = Your site uses a checkout mode in which buyers are supposed to pay for their purchase upfront at the time of order placement in the amount of order total calculated at checkout.

    For more information, see Delayed Payments Feature (X-Payments Cloud).

  • Show Card info on Invoice Page: Specify whether payment card information should be shown on the Invoice page (and to whom it should be visible). The available options are:

    • Show to eligible store back-end users (admin, vendor) and to customers;

    • Show to eligible store back-end users (admin, vendor) only;

    • Don't show to anyone.

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