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X-Payments Cloud: General Information
X-Payments Cloud: General Information
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X-Payments Cloud is a PSD2/SCA ready & PCI Level 1 certified payment service for secure credit card processing and storage in online shops.

Developed as a SaaS solution, X-Payments Cloud easily integrates with X-Cart 5 using X-Payments Cloud Connector and supports a number of popular payment gateways as listed here.

While processing credit or debit card payments, X-Payments Cloud works as an intermediary between an online store on one side and payment gateways and fraud prevention systems on the other.

With X-Payments Cloud, you can:

  • Accept credit cards on your website and still be PCI compliant.

  • Sell services where the final price is determined after the service has been rendered.

  • Process credit cards over phone calls.

  • Make repeat orders easy for your numerous returning customers

X-Payments Cloud can be connected to Signifyd, Kount or NoFraud, provided that you have an account with the respective service. In this case all the payments that you receive via X-Payments Cloud can be automatically screened for online fraud using this service.

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