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X-Payments Cloud: General Settings
X-Payments Cloud: General Settings
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X-Payments Cloud general settings can be found on the General settings page (Settings -> General). This page is available from both the X-Payments Cloud standalone admin panel:

and the X-Payments Cloud admin panel as accessed from within the admin panel of your online store:

(The screenshot above shows the way to access the General settings page from the X-Cart 5 admin panel. On other platforms, you will find a similar menu, but please expect that the page layout may be different.)

The General settings page itself looks as follows:

Before you start using X-Payments Cloud to accept payments, take time to review the settings on this page, and adjust them as you require. Be sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Below you will find an explanation of what each setting is used for.


In this section, the only setting is Current time and date.

Use it to specify the current time and date in your time zone. That is needed so X-Payments Cloud can record the time and date of payments correctly.

Connection Key

This section is only available in the X-Payments Cloud standalone admin panel (not visible when the settings page is accessed from within the admin panel of your online store). It shows the date on which the current connection key was generated. It also provides the View connection key link for access to the Connection Key page in the X-Payments Cloud admin panel.

On the Connection Key page, you can preview and copy your current connection key.

A connection key is a bundle that contains the following components:

  • API key (the key used to make API requests),

  • Secret key (the key used to validate API requests),

  • Widget key (the key used to display the payment form widget in the process of checkout).


This section is where you can configure and enable services.


This section contains the following settings:

  • Transaction amount for card tokenization: An amount for which a transaction needs to be created during a card tokenization process for gateways that do not support "zero-dollar" authorizations. This transaction will be voided automatically.

  • Detect Cloudflare client IP address: A proxy related setting. The idea behind this setting is that if your store server uses Cloudflare, it may interfere with the work of X-Payments Cloud. You may want to enable this setting to resolve the IP address-related issues that may arise if using Cloudflare.


This section contains the following settings:

  • Number of rebill attempts for an unsuccessful charge: The maximum number of times that X-Payments must try to charge the customer's card after the initial attempt to process the subscription payment was unsuccessful. After this number of additional attempts, X-Payments will stop the subscription and send an email notification message to the X-Payments administrator.

  • How often to attempt rebills for an unsuccessful charge (in days): How often X-Payments must attempt to charge the card again if the initial attempt to process the subscription payment was unsuccessful. For example, if you set this value to "3", X-Payments will attempt to charge the customer's card once every three days - until the payment can be processed successfully, or the maximum number of rebill attempts is reached.

  • Notify the customer of the upcoming payment X days in advance: X-Payments can notify subscription customers that they are going to be charged for their subscription soon - a few days before the subscription payment is actually billed to their account. This setting allows you to specify how many days in advance X-Payments must send a notification message about the upcoming subscription payment to customers with active subscriptions.

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