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Deleting a Payment Configuration (X-Payments Cloud)
Deleting a Payment Configuration (X-Payments Cloud)
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To delete a payment configuration, use one of the following methods:

Method 1

  1. Find the payment configuration you wish to delete in the list of payment configurations on the Payment processing page.

  2. Click the button dropdown element opposite the payment configuration name.

  3. Select the required action (Delete configuration) from the menu.

  4. Confirm the deletion.

Method 2

  1. While viewing the details of the payment configuration on the Payment configuration details page, click the button dropdown element on the Status line.

  2. Select the required action (Delete configuration).

  3. Confirm the deletion.

As a result, the payment configuration will be removed from the list of your payment configurations. After data synchronization between your online store and X-Payments Cloud, your store's list of available payment methods will be updated accordingly.

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