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Editing a User's Account Details (X-Payments Cloud)
Editing a User's Account Details (X-Payments Cloud)
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In X-Payments Cloud, the root administrator can edit the account details of other users.

If you are the root admin, before you can edit anyone's user account details, you need to find the user whose account you are going to edit via the Users List page of the X-Payments Cloud standalone admin panel: (Settings>Users)

and open their account details for viewing/editing:

The account details will be opened on the 'Account details: <user name>' page.

To edit such details as user name, expiration date, inactivity period, user permissions and comment about the user, simply edit the contents of the respective fields and click Save changes.

To change the user's email address:

  1. Click on the 'Change user email' link:

    The 'Change user email' box will be expanded providing a field where you can enter a new email address:

  2. Use the New e-mail field to enter a new email address.

  3. Click Change.
    After you click the Change button, a notification message with a confirmation link will be sent to the new email address. The email address owner will need to click on this link to confirm the change of the email address for the user account. The root admin will also be notified via email about the change of the user's email address, but their notification message will not provide a confirmation link. (Only the owner of the email will be able to confirm the change.)
    The email address stored in the user account details will be updated only after the confirmation. Until that time the email address in the user's account details will be displayed like so:
    โ€‹<old email address>
    will be changed to <new email address>

    On the user list page, the user for whom a change of email address has been requested will be shown with the status "Waiting for email verification"

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