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Payment Statuses (X-Payments Cloud)
Payment Statuses (X-Payments Cloud)
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You can find out the status of any payment made in your online store via X-Payments Cloud by looking at the payments list. The status is will be shown in the Status column.

The possible payment statuses are as follows:

  • Authorized - The money in the customer's account has been placed on hold to ensure the availability of funds for capture.

  • Charged - The payment amount has been moved from the customer's account to the merchant's account.

  • Refunded - The payment has been returned to the customer.

  • Partially refunded - The payment has been partially returned to the customer.

  • Declined - The payment has been declined (The payment gateway declined the transaction or canceled the payment authorization, or the customer refused to complete the payment).

You can check the meanings of specific payment statuses using the Transaction statuses legend table in the lower part of the Payments page.

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