Adding Brands

After specifying one of your global attribute fields as the field for brands, you are all set to work on specific brands (brand names). For that, you will need the section Brands available via the menu Catalog > Brands in the store’s Admin area.

This section is where you add new brands and manage your existing brands.

Note that if your store already has product attributes configured for the global attribute field you have designated for brands, the Shop by Brand add-on will treat them as previously created brand names. The add-on will collect such attributes throughout your catalog and have them listed in the Brands section (Catalog > Brands), where you can manage them.

To create a new brand using the Brands section (Catalog > Brands):

  1. Click New brand.

    A new page with a form for providing brand information opens.

  2. Specify the brand information:

    • Brand name: This is the only required field. Use it to specify the name of the brand.

    • Brand logo: Use this field to upload a logo image for the brand. Note that X-Cart does not impose strict limitations regarding the size of brand logo images that can be uploaded because it can resize and crop images automatically for the best appearance. The dimensions to which the original image will be resized and cropped are set in the Images section of your store’s Admin area (Look&Feel > Images Settings & Uploading):

      See the item Brand image (grid)):

      These dimensions may be different depending on the skin used by your store and can be changed manually if required. For more info on the management of images, including brand logo images, see the section Managing Images.

    • Description: Provide brand description (will be displayed on the page of the respective brand).

    • Brand page title: Leave blank to use brand name as Page Title.

    • Meta keywords: Specify one or more brand-related keywords (will be used in the keywords META tag on the brand page (for SEO purposes).

    • Meta description: Specify a description (will be used in the description META tag on the brand page - for SEO purposes).

    • Clean URL: Set the brand page Clean URL (will be used for SEO purposes). The Clean URLs feature needs to be enabled. Note that you can adjust the format of clean URLs for brand pages in your store's config file.

  3. Save the changes.

    The brand will be added to the list of your store’s brands.

If for some reason you find it convenient to add new brands as attribute values for the global attribute field designated for brands, you can, by all means, do so. They will work the same as ones added using the Brands section.

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