Your store visitors will be able to see your store’s brands on a dedicated Brands page:

The page can be accessed using a URL formed like the following:


(Be sure to replace the part "https://your_store_address/" with the actual address of your store.)

If you wish you can add a link to the Brands page to your store's menus.

If your store uses the Clean URLs feature, you can set a clean URL alias for the Brands page.

Besides the Brands page, the Shop by Brand add-on provides a Brands block that can be shown in the side menu.

It also provides a Brands section that can be shown in the central part of the page.

Both the Brands block and the Brands section can be used as additional convenient means of store navigation enabling store visitors to access products by the brand quickly and easily.

As an administrator, you have full control over the various aspects of presenting brand information in your store. For example, you can specify on which pages of your store's catalog you want brands to be shown, in what order, whether there should be pagination, etc. For details, see the section Shop by Brand Add-on Settings.

If required, you can change the position of the Brands block and the Brands section on the page using X-Cart's Layout Editor.

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