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Coupon Roulette Add-on
Coupon Roulette Installation and Setup
Coupon Roulette Installation and Setup

Learn how to start using the add-on.

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To start using the Coupons Roulette add-on, you must ensure it is installed and enabled.

You can find the general add-on installation and activation instructions in the section Managing add-ons of our Knowledge Base.

After the add-on installation, you need to configure the general settings and set up the roulette slices.

To configure the general add-on settings:

  1. Locate the add-on in the My Apps section of your store's Admin area and open the add-on settings page.

  2. On the add-on settings page, open the Settings tab.

  3. Check the default triggers configuration and, if necessary, update the settings to meet your needs:

    • Show on user's leave intent: Enable if you want the roulette to display when visitors are about to leave your site.

    • Show on entering the site: Enable if you want to welcome visitors with the roulette when they first open your site.

      The above two settings are mutually exclusive. Please select only one to enable.
      Only the "Show on entering the site" option will work if you enable both.

    • Delay in appearance of the roulette on the page (seconds): Set the delay period in seconds.

    • Delay in displaying the roulette to the same user again (days): Set the interval in days.

  4. Set up the roulette colors to meet your store design.

    You can check the look in the Roulette Preview tab of the add-on settings page.

  5. Click Submit to make the settings active.

Now proceed to the roulette slices setup.

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