Roulette Slices Setup

Learn how to configure the slices of the Coupon Roulette add-on.

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The Coupon Roulette add-on has the slices configured and set up by default. You can check the default configuration in the Preview tab of the add-on settings page right after the installation.

However, you can always change the slices' number and text to meet your business needs if necessary.

For this purpose:

  1. Open the Slices tab of the add-on settings page.

  2. To edit any existing slice:

    • Hover a mouse on the slice name. You will see the fields you can edit highlighted.

    • Edit the fields to your liking.

  3. To create a new slice:

    • Click on the Create button below the slices list.

    • In the new line added to the slices list, specify the slice label as a customer should see it, the coupon code related to it, and the chance to get a discount. The higher the chance value is, the more opportunity a customer will get to win the coupon.

      Your store will not create a coupon automatically after you specify the value in the coupon code field. Instead, ensure you add a related coupon as described here.

  4. To delete a slice, click the Trash icon opposite its name.

  5. Click the Save changes button.

The slices design you can configure in the Settings tab as described here.

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