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Changing Your Store Design Theme (X-Cart 5.5.x)
Changing Your Store Design Theme (X-Cart 5.5.x)
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If you wish you can change your current store theme to a different one.

All the themes installed at your store and available to you are shown on the Themes page of your store's Admin area (Store Design > Themes), in the Choose A New Theme section. The theme that is currently active in your store is highlighted with a green frame.

(Please note that the actual set of themes available to you via the Choose A New Theme section may differ from the one on the screenshots in this article.)

To switch your store to a different theme, select the theme you would like to use by clicking on its icon in the Choose A New Theme section, then click Submit.

You can get access to more themes via the Theme Store. Some themes will be free, others will need to be purchased. More info on installing themes is available in the section Installing Store Design Themes (X-Cart 5.5.x).

If required, themes that are installed in your store can be uninstalled (removed) or disabled via My Apps / Theme Store. See Uninstalling / Disabling Store Design Themes (X-Cart 5.5.x).

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