Your X-Cart store uses some pages with static content.

There are two basic types of such pages:

  • content pages ("Terms & Conditions", "Shipping", etc.);

  • service pages (like the "404 Page Not Found" page).

Both these types of pages can be accessed and managed via the "Content Pages" tab of the "Menus & Pages" page (Store Design > Menus & Pages).

The "Content Pages" tab of the "Menus & Pages" page (Store Design > Menus & Pages) provides you with full control over content pages: you can edit any existing content pages, or add more content pages should you require them. You can disable and re-enable such pages at any time, and you have full control of their content and layout.

As to service pages, the "Content Pages" tab currently allows you to manage only the "404 Page Not Found" page. For obvious reasons, this page cannot be disabled, but you do have control of its content and layout.

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