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Customer Account Password Restoration
Customer Account Password Restoration

Learn how customers can restore password for their customer account in the storefront,

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Your online store doesn't record passwords in the database. Instead, they are encrypted and stored as a hash of passwords. Hence, if registered customers forget their account password for some reason, they have the only option to restore it by changing to a new account password.

NOTE: A store administrator must ensure emails and store notifications are correctly configured to deliver messages to customers. Check Testing Emails Transfer for more details.

To restore passwords, customers should follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Sign In / Sign Up button in the storefront header

  2. Click the "Forgot password?" link in the Sign In popup.

  3. Specify the email associated with their account and click Submit.

  4. Check the incoming email messages for a "Password reset request" email and follow the link it provides.

  5. Specify a new password for their account in your store and click Update.

That's it!

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