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Creating Customer Accounts in the Storefront
Creating Customer Accounts in the Storefront

Learn how customers can create accounts in your online store.

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Every X-Cart-based online store has a noticeable Sign In / Sign Up button in the header of the storefront. Store visitors can use this button to register a new customer account and log in to the existing one.

To create a customer account (as a customer):

  1. Click the Sign In/Sign Up button at the top of the store homepage.

  2. To register as a customer, click the Create new account link at the bottom of the Sign In popup.

    NOTE: If you already have a registered account, use the popup to log in.

  3. The popup will change to New Account, where you need to specify an email and password.

    NOTE: Please use a valid email address, as you may need it to restore your account password and receive notifications from the store.

  4. Click Create.

After that, your signed-in customers access their My Account page, where they get access to recently placed orders and their account data. From here, your customers can view their shopping cart and wish list, specify the billing and shipping addresses in the address book, and view or download invoices.

Buyers can also create a new customer account at checkout. The registration process is the same.

Your customers stay signed in until they click the Log Out link in their customer account or start using another browser or device to shop in your store.

NOTE: You can give your customers the option to log in with their favorite social platform: Facebook, Google, and Apple. Learn more about the Social Login for X-Cart.

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