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Customer Account in the Storefront
Customer Account in the Storefront

Learn about the features available to customers in their storefront account .

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Every registered customer has an account in your online store and can access the account details on the storefront.

A registered account allows your customers to manage orders, create wish lists, and save an address book for quicker checkout. It also allows a store admin to view individual customer order data, send order messages, and even grant customers store membership for discounts and tax purposes.

When new customers complete checkout in your store, their details, like their name, email, and other address information, are saved to a new anonymous customer account. However, buyers only get access to these details and the order history after creating a registered account. Otherwise, only the store admin sees the guest customers' account data. Your store buyers can create a registered account using the "Sign In / Sign Up" button in the storefront header or at checkout.

NOTE: A store admin can manually create new customer accounts in the Admin area or import them in bulk.

Customers can use the My account dropdown in the header to access their account details.

It allows viewing the account profile details, messages, and orders list. It also allows a customer to log out of their account if required.

Clicking on a link in the menu opens the related customer account page with all recorded information.

The storefront also allows customers to compare products using the comparison list before buying them. Learn more about the product comparison feature here.

Your store customers can add items from your online store to their favorites, making it easy for them to keep track of all the products they desire. Registered customers can view their wish list anytime by clicking on Wishlist. The page will display all products marked as a favorite. Learn more about the wishlist feature here.

Registered and guest customers can use the mini-cart widget to check what they have added and either proceed to checkout or open the cart page to view details.

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