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Software Update to v5.5.0.x
Software Update to v5.5.0.x

Learn how to update your online store to X-Cart 5.5.x branch.

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Starting with v5.5.0x, X-Cart is a Symfony-based application. The software changes its internal structure, and the software update will require some manipulations with the files on the server to meet the new structure.

The software update to the X-Cart 5.5.x branch can only be done from the latest version of the X-Cart 5.4.x branch (v5.4.1.37).

DISCLAIMER: X-Cart 5.5.0.x has compatibility limitations, so please check that your server has the following software installed before proceeding with the update:

See the detailed server requirements for X-Cart 5.5.x here.

After the server environment is configured, you can start the software update.

For this purpose:

  1. Check the X-Cart and PHP versions you are using. You can do this on the Environment page in the Admin area (System Tools > Environment).

    • If you use X-Cart v5.4.1.37 and PHP v7.4, proceed to step 2.

    • If the X-Cart and PHP versions are earlier than required, update the software to the latest versions first (X-Cart v5.4.1.37, PHP v7.4).
      Learn how to update X-Cart here.

  2. Check if the update to v5.5.x is available for your store. You can either use the update notifications on the store Admin area homepage or check it directly on the Apps > Updates page.

    • Homepage

    • Updates page

    NOTE: If you have any questions about the X-Cart v.5.5.x update, contact our Customer Care Team at

  3. On the Updates page, check for possible warnings, read the update changelog, and make the required software and database backups.

  4. After that, proceed to install the updates:

    • Scroll down the page

    • Confirm that you've done the preparation steps in the checkbox

    • Click the Continue button to start the process.

      The software will start the files' uploading.

  5. If the files' check-up completes successfully, you will see a pre-upgrade note.

    NOTE: At this step, your X-Cart software update starts.

    Core (X-Cart team) 

    X-Cart 5.5.0.x is a Symfony-based application. For the correct and safe operation of your X-Cart store, after completing the X-Cart update process you will need change the root dir in your server settings according to our instructions Please make sure you / your hosting team have server access and the appropriate permissions to modify server settings.

    • Click Continue if you are ready to start the update.

    • Click Cancel if you decide to stop the update process. You can terminate the update process safely at this stage without affecting the store's functioning.

  6. The update process starts. First, the screen will display the statuses update.

    Then follows the files update.

    And the store redeployment.

  7. You will first see a post-upgrade note at the end of the update process. It contains the same warning as you've seen before the update.

    The "All done!" screen informs you of a successful software update and reminds you to update the server configuration. The warning will be displayed in the X-Cart Admin area until the server setup is done correctly.

  8. Follow the link from the note to get the instructions on how to update the server configuration properly.

    • Adjust the XCART_PUBLIC_DIR variable in the .env.local file on the server.


    • Redeploy the store on the System > Cache Management page of your store's Admin area or use the ./bin/service xcst:rebuild operation in the console.

  9. Congratulations! The store update to v5.5.0.x is complete.

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