Managing Attribute Groups

Learn how to edit, sort and delete attribute groups.

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Your online store provides tools to rename any existing attribute group, change the groups sorting on the page and delete a group if required.

Here's how you can do this:

  1. On the Classes & Attributes page of your store's Admin area (Catalog > Classes & Attributes), locate the groups of attributes you want to edit.

    • Global Attributes - Catalog > Classes & Attributes > All Attributes

    • Product Class Attributes - Catalog > Classes & Attributes > Product Classes

    NOTE: With the product class attributes, you need one additional step to access the attributes listing page - click the Edit attributes (N) link opposite a particular product class.

  2. Click the "Manage groups" button.

    A popup titled "Manage attribute groups" appears.

  3. Use the tools of the "Manage attribute groups" popup for editing:

    • To rename a group, click on its name. The group name field will become editable.

    • To change the order of the attribute groups on the list, drag and drop the items to their new positions.

    • To delete a group, click the Trash icon opposite it.


      NOTE: Deleting a group does not delete the attributes it has. Instead, after you delete a group, its contents will relocate to other attributes having no associated groups.

  4. When the attribute group editing is complete, click "Save changes."

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