The add-on Messages enables direct communication between the customers and the store owner in connection to orders. For example, if a customer needs to ask a question about their order, wants to give feedback about their order, or needs to report a problem, they can use the messaging system provided by the add-on to start a communication thread with the seller (store administrator). This communication thread will be linked to the order in question, so both the customer and the seller will have all the order information at their fingertips.

To start messaging with the seller about a specific order, a customer will just need to find the respective order in the Orders section of their account information (My account > Orders) and click Contact seller:


On the page that opens, the customer will be able to:

  • create and submit a new message to the seller:

  • open a dispute (if the customer is not satisfied with the ordered item or the service provided and wants to get in touch with the store administrator):


When the seller responds to the message, their response will appear right below the customer’s message forming a communication thread.


Once a new message from the seller is received, the customer will be notified by email. They will also be able to see the new messages in the X-Cart store Customer area:

  • A link to new messages will be provided in the My account > Orders section.

  • New messages will be marked as new in the My account > Messages section.


The customer and the seller will be able to continue exchanging messages as long as they require. If a dispute has been opened, it will remain open until the customer or the administrator choose to close it. All the communication will be stored carefully in the message history. The customer will be able to access their messages at any time via the My account > Messages section.

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