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General information about the Product Advisor add-on.

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The Product Advisor add-on allows you to add several blocks promoting your products to customers:

  • New Arrivals β€” lists recently added products.

  • Coming Soon β€” informs about products which sales will start soon.

  • Recently Viewed β€” lets your customers quickly open the page of a product they have viewed before.

  • Who Viewed This Also Bought and Who Purchased This Also Bought β€” advise which other products may interest customers viewing the product page.

You can choose which blocks to display in the storefront, specify the maximum number of products to show in the blocks, and configure how long products are considered new (in days). Also, the add-on marks "New" and "Coming Soon" products on the storefront with corresponding labels.

To start using the Product Advisor add-on, make sure it is installed and enabled.

For information on using the add-on, see:

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