Product details in X-Cart provide fields for a basic product configuration like product description, price, weight, and other settings vital to selling a product online. However, a store admin may find basic product configuration insufficient. Sometimes it may be necessary to group products based on some features other than categories and subcategories. You may also need to specify extra product parameters like brand, color, size, technical details, etc., to give customers insight into a product they want to buy or even give customers more product options to choose from.

X-Cart has a "Classes and Attributes" built-in feature that enhances product properties and gives a store admin more tools to manage products in the store.

The "Product Attributes" feature enables a store admin to add more details to a product description, starting from displaying different product characteristics in the "Product Specification" tab on the storefront's product details page and up to various types of product options that enhance product representation.

The "Product Classes" feature extends product attributes and gives a store admin the ability to join products in groups other than product categories and subcategories. You can use product classes along with product attributes only and can help set unique properties not to a single product but instead to a group of products at once.

The "Product Variants" feature allows a store admin to create product options based on the specific product characteristics (like size, color, etc.) and display them on the storefront's product details page. In addition, each variant will have different pricing, product SKUs, and stock level added to the product description that will allow a customer to choose a particular variant of the same product. The product variants feature is enabled by installing and configuring the Product Variants add-on.

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