Product Class Attributes

Learn what are product class attributes and how to configure them.

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Product class attributes are properties that are typical for a group of products (a product class). They are created for a product class and are visible for all products assigned to this product class. A store admin can add product classes and product class attributes either manually on a per-product basis or import them in bulk via a CSV file.

Before assigning product class attribute(s) to a product, a store admin must create and configure the related product class beforehand. Product classes with no attributes configured for them are of no use.

Generally, product class attributes are viewed and managed via the Classes & Attributes page of the Admin area, which allows creating, editing, and deleting product classes and adding attributes. The changes done in this section will apply store-wide.

  • X-Cart 5.4.x - Catalog > Classes & Attributes

  • X-Cart 5.5.x - Catalog > Classes & Attributes > Product Classes

To access the product class attributes listing, you must click Edit attributes (N) opposite a selected product class.

It is also possible to create product classes, assign them to products, add attributes to existing and newly created product classes, and apply them either store-wide or on a per-product basis via the "Attributes > Global" tab of any product details page.

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