You can use product class attributes to set up properties typical for a group of products. A store admin can add product classes and product class attributes either manually on a per-product basis or import them in bulk via a CSV file.

Before assigning product class attribute(s) to a product, a store admin must first create and configure the related product class. Product classes with no attributes configured for them are of no use.

X-Cart has two possible ways of creating and managing product classes and product class attributes that differ in means and actions that a store admin can apply:

  • Via the "Classes & Attributes" section of the store Admin area, that allows creating, editing, and deleting product classes and adding attributes. The changes done in this section will apply store-wide.

  • Via the "Attributes -> Global" tab of any product details page, that allows creating product classes, assigning them to products, adding attributes to existing and newly created product classes, and applying them either store-wide or on a per-product basis. It's also possible to edit product-class attribute names store-wide and delete product-class attributes on a per-product basis here.


Read on the guides from this section to learn how to create and manage product class attributes in X-Cart.

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