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Creating Global and Product Class Attributes
Creating Global and Product Class Attributes

Learn how to create global and product class attributes on the Classes & Attributes page of your online store.

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X-Cart provides 3 different ways to create global and product class attributes in your online store:

  • via the tools of the Classes & Attributes page;

  • via the tools of the product details page;

  • via import.

The first 2 methods are good when you manually create a couple of attributes. Import is an excellent way to add attributes in bulk.

This guide will describe how to create global, and product class attributes on the Classes & Attributes page in your store's Admin area.

NOTE: Before creating product class attributes, please ensure the related product class exists. You can find details of the product class creation in the Creating Product Classes guide.

To create a new attribute:

  1. Open the attributes listing page:

    • Global Attributes - Catalog > Classes & Attributes > All Attributes

    • Product Class Attributes - Catalog > Classes & Attributes > Product Classes

    NOTE: With the product class attributes, you need one additional step to access the attributes listing page - click the Edit attributes (N) link opposite a particular product class.

  2. Click the "New attribute" button.

    A popup titled "New attribute" appears:

  3. Use the fields of the "New attribute" popup to provide information about the new attribute.

    • Attribute: Specify the attribute name.

    • Attribute group: Select a group from the drop-down if this is applicable. Use the Attribute Groups guide to learn how to join attributes into groups.

    • Type: Select the attribute type (Plain field, Textarea, Yes/No, Hidden field). Read more about attribute types here.

    • Display as: Select the display mode from the drop-down. The field is visible for the Plain field attributes only.

  4. Click Next.
    The popup expands with extra fields depending on the attribute type:

    • Display option above the price (all attribute types except Hidden): Enable the toggle if you want to display the attribute above the product price on the product details page in the storefront.

    • Buyers can select an option (Yes/No attribute type): Enable the toggle if you allow customers to decide on the option when making an order. If disabled, the information will be included in a product specification only. This is a default setting for all new products and doesn't affect the configuration of any attributes created previously.

    • Default attribute value (Yes/No attribute type): Select what option value should be enabled by default.

    • Attribute values (Plain field and Hidden attribute types): Use this section to add new attribute values, also called attribute options.

      • To create a new attribute option, click New value.

      • If you want some or all attribute options(s) to apply automatically to all products in your store, enable the checkmark icon opposite the names of the related attribute options (the checkmark icons should turn green).


        NOTE: Enabling the checkmark for a hidden attribute option will not affect the configuration settings of the currently existing products.

  5. When complete, click Save changes.

The global attributes are assigned automatically to all products. However, to be appropriately displayed in the storefront, a store admin must configure global attribute options for them.

Product class attributes are only assigned to the products of a particular product class.

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