Global attributes are the only product attributes that support the values of a hidden field type. Global attributes with a hidden field type of value are called hidden attributes. Such attributes are not displayed in the storefront and can be used for internal product management purposes, like creating product feeds for the Google Product Feed add-on.

Creating Hidden Attributes

Unlike global attributes of any other type of value, hidden global attributes can be created in the Classes and Attributes section of a store Admin area only (Catalog -> Classes and Attributes).

To create a hidden attribute:

1. In your store’s Admin area, go to the Classes & attributes section (Catalog > Classes & attributes).

2. Click on the Edit attributes (N) link opposite the Global attributes title:

This opens the global attributes listing page:

3. On this page, click New attribute:

A popup titled New attribute appears:


4. Use the fields of the New attribute popup to provide information about a new hidden attribute.

Specify the following information:

  • Attribute: Attribute name.

  • Attribute group: Select a group name from the drop-down if this is applicable.
    Use the Attribute Groups guide to learn how to join attributes into groups.

  • Type: For a hidden attribute, the attribute field type must be "Hidden field."

5. Click Next. The attribute should be saved.

Now the popup is expanded so you can edit attribute options:


6. Click the New value button to configure the hidden attribute options. Add as many attribute options as you need.


7. If you want some or all of the option(s) you added for this hidden global attribute to be assigned automatically to all NEW products in your store’s catalog, click the check-mark icon opposite the names of the related attribute options (the check-mark icons should turn green):


Enabling the check-mark for a hidden attribute option will not affect the products present in the store by far. All existing products will preserve their current global attributes’ configuration.

8. Once you’re done editing the attribute options, save the changes using the Save changes button.

The attribute option(s) should be saved and added to the global attributes list:

Like any other global attributes, hidden attributes are automatically assigned to products after they have been created. However, for the hidden attributes to become available for internal products management, a store admin must assign and configure hidden attribute options for existing products in the store.

Assigning Hidden Attributes to Products

Once hidden attributes have been created via the Classes & Attributes section of the store Admin area, it’s necessary to assign the hidden attribute options to existing products in the store.

Unlike other product attributes, hidden attribute options can be assigned either on a per-product basis using a product details page or for a group of products or all products in the store using the Bulk Editing tool.

Assigning Hidden Attribute Options via Bulk Editing

To assign hidden attribute options to products via the Bulk Editing feature:

1. On the product listing page of your store Admin area (Catalog -> Products), select products you want to edit using checkboxes.

2. Click Bulk edit selected -> Hidden attributes.

3. In a new window, configure the hidden attribute(s) value for the products:

4. Click Save changes.

Assigning Hidden Attribute Options via Product Details

If required, a hidden attribute can be assigned on a per-product basis via a related product details page:

1. In your store’s Admin area, locate the product you need to assign a hidden attribute to, open the product details page, and hover the cursor on the Attributes tab:

2. Choose Hidden attributes in the drop-down to access the subsection where you can assign hidden global attributes to this product:


3. On the page that opens, you can see the full list of your store’s hidden global attributes. The attributes for which the Attribute option field is empty are assigned but not configured for the product.

4. For the attribute that needs to be configured:

  • Click inside the Attribute option field and type in the value you require.



  • Click on the down arrow button at the Attribute option field's right and select one of the previously configured attribute options from the drop-down list.


5. Click Save changes.

Managing Hidden Attributes

Like any other global attributes, hidden attributes are managed on the global attributes listing page in the Classes & Attributes section of the Admin area (Catalog -> Classes & Attributes). Here a store admin can create new hidden attributes, add existing hidden attributes to attribute groups, edit existing hidden attribute names and options, and delete them if required. All changes applied to hidden attributes via the Classes & Attributes section are applied store-wide and affect all products with the corresponding hidden attributes assigned and configured.

To open the global attributes listing, it’s necessary to open the Classes & Attributes section of the Admin area (Catalog -> Classes & Attributes)and click on the link Edit attributes (N) opposite the Global attributes line (where N stands for the number of global attributes configured in the store):

Hidden attributes will have the Hidden field type in the global attributes list.

Please refer to the Managing Global Attributes guide of our Help Center to learn how to manage hidden attributes.

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