X-Cart supports four field types of attribute values:

  • Plain field

  • Textarea

  • Yes/No

  • Hidden field (for global attributes only)

When configuring an attribute, select the field type that best suits your needs. Below we provide a detailed explanation of each type.

Plain field

Choose this field type if you need the attribute value to be a word/phrase of your choice.

You can use the Plain field type to specify such properties of a product as color, size, ISBN (for books), etc.: it is good for almost anything, provided you can describe it in a couple of words.

For example, we used it to specify the dimensions of a bag:

X-Cart Admin Area


X-Cart Storefront


Plain field type can be used to specify multiple values for one attribute.

These attributes can also display differently in the storefront.


This field type allows for a longer text length than the Plain field type and can provide lengthier descriptions.

For example, we used it to add detailed information about the fabric of a t-shirt:

X-Cart Admin Area


X-Cart Storefront


Starting with X-Cart 5.1, the Textarea attribute value field type can be used to add personalization options for products (i.e., provide an editable text area on the product page on the storefront so buyers can use it to enter their own custom text).

For details, see Personalization Options.


This field type is intended for attribute values that emphasize some property or feature's presence or absence.

For example, we used it to emphasize the wirelessness of the headphones:

X-Cart Admin Area


X-Cart Storefront


The Yes/No field type can also specify “Yes or No” options for products.

For details, see Multi-Value Attributes (Product Options).

Hidden field

This field type allows adding hidden global attributes to a product that can be seen and used by a store administrator only (e.g., to add some product info that should not be displayed to customers in the storefront but can be used for maintenance purposes like Google Product Feed add-on configuration).

Unlike any other global attribute type, a hidden field attribute is displayed only in a store Admin area. If a hidden attribute is assigned to a product, it can be checked in a special tab of the Attributes section on the product details page (Attributes -> Hidden attributes):


For details on the hidden field attribute configuration, see the guide Hidden Global Attributes.

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