Editing Attribute Properties

Learn how to change the global and product class attribute values in your online store.

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When creating an attribute, you define its initial values. However, later you may need to change its properties, and the attribute listing page provides the tools for editing (Catalog > Classes & Attributes).

Both global and product class attributes are edited in the same way. Therefore, the listing pages provide similar instruments. All you need to do is locate the attribute you want to modify and apply the changes you need by following the steps below.

  1. Open the attributes listing page:

    • Global Attributes - Catalog > Classes & Attributes > All Attributes

    • Product Class Attributes - Catalog > Classes & Attributes > Product Classes

    NOTE: With the product class attributes, you need one additional step to access the attributes listing page - click the Edit attributes (N) link opposite a particular product class.


  2. Hover a mouse over an attribute you want to edit to highlight the properties available for quick editing.

    These are the attribute name and display modes. You can also enable/disable the attribute visibility toggle on the listing page.

    NOTE: The guide is shown with the global attribute screens, but you can do all the same with the product class attributes if you need them.

  3. To access the rest of the attribute properties, click the Pen icon opposite it.

    A popup titled "Edit attribute values" opens, where you can make the necessary changes.

  4. Here you can edit the following fields:

    • Attribute: Specify the attribute name here.

    • Attribute group: Select a group for the attribute if applicable. The group itself must be created beforehand. See how you can do it here.

    • Type: Select the attribute type. Read more about attribute types here.

    • Display as: Select the attribute display mode. The option is available for plain field attributes only.

    • Display option above the price: Enable the toggle if you want to display the attribute above the product price on the product details page in the storefront.

    • Attribute values: Use this section to add new and maintain existing attribute values, also called attribute options.

      • To create a new attribute option, click New value.

      • If you want some or all of the attribute options(s) to be applied automatically to all products in your store, be sure to "enable" the check-mark icon opposite the names of the related attribute options (the check-mark icons should turn green).

      • If you want to change the attribute options sorting, use the Cross icons to re-arrange them by drag-n-groping.

      • If you want to apply the new sorting to all products with this attribute assigned, enable the "Apply sorting globally" checkbox.

        NOTE: The "Apply sorting globally" setting affects the "active" attribute options, i.e., the options marked with a green checkbox, and automatically applies to all products.

  5. Click "Save changes" when you have completed editing.

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