To add a new attribute at the level of a specific product manually, follow the instructions below:

1. In your store’s Admin area, find the product you want to add a new attribute for, open its details, and click on the Attributes tab.

This will open a page where you can manage attributes for this product. Here you can see three subsections: Product-Specific, Global, and Hidden attributes. Make sure you are viewing the Product-Specific section.


If you haven’t added any product-specific attributes for this product yet, the Product-Specific attributes list will be empty:


2. Use the Add attribute button to add a field for the new attribute. This is where you will specify your attribute name and value(s).


The Add attribute drop-down will give you a choice of three types of attribute value fields:

  • Plain field

  • Textarea

  • Yes/No

You must select the type that best suits your needs (More details on the different attribute value field types, see in Attribute Value Field Types).

By default, clicking the Add attribute button creates an attribute of a Plain field type. To select a different field type, click on the “down arrow” expandable part of the Add attribute button and select the type you require from the drop-down button menu:


3. A new attribute field will appear on a new line in the Product-Specific attributes list.

For the sake of example, the snapshot below demonstrates a newly added Plain field:


4. Use the field that has been added to specify your attribute’s name and value (or, if necessary, multiple values). For the sake of example, we will add the attribute “Rim color” with the value “Black”:


5. Click Save changes. The attribute will be assigned to the product.

Now, if you check the Specification tab on the product details page, you will be able to see the attribute you have added there along with the product SKU and weight that are present there by default:


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