Managing Product-Specific Attributes

Learn how to edit product-specific attribute properties and delete attributes.

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A store admin can edit the name and the values of product-specific attributes and delete unnecessary attributes if required. The product-specific attribute management is performed in the Attributes tab of the respective product details page:

To edit a product-specific attribute:

  1. Open the Attributes tab of the product you want to edit and ensure you view the Product-Specific section. See how to access product details here.

  2. In the list of product-specific attributes, locate the attribute you need to edit and make any changes you require:

    • To edit the attribute name, hover your cursor over it (the Attribute name field will become visible), click inside the Attribute name field and edit the attribute name as you require.

    • To change the plain field attribute storefront display mode, use the drop-down under the attribute name.

    • To edit the attribute values, hover a mouse over the value name to edit it and to see extra options available:

      • the Modifiers option (read more about it here)

      • the Trash icon (use it to delete an attribute value)

    • To delete the attribute, use the Trash icon opposite it.

  3. Click Save changes.

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