To install the add-on, follow the guidelines from the section Installing Add-ons from the X-Cart App Store.

After the installation, proceed to the settings page to configure the ad-on

The Color Swatches add-on settings page looks as follows:

  • Box width and Box height: Set the dimensions (height and width) of your swatch images in the customer storefront.

  • Use color swatch name as an attribute option name: Enable the toggle to use the color swatch name as the name of the product option.

    For example, if you have a product attribute “Color” with values (options) defined as “red”, “blue” and “yellow”, and the color swatches added for those values, respectively, as “swatch_1”, “swatch_2” and “swatch_3”, the setting “Use color swatch name as an attribute option name” will affect what your customers will see when hovering their cursor over the red, blue and yellow color swatch boxes on the storefront: if the setting is disabled, the name of the option will be displayed as “red”, “blue” or “yellow”; if the setting is enabled, it will be shown as “swatch_1”, “swatch_2” or “swatch_3”, respectively.

After adjusting the settings as you require, be sure to click Submit to make them active.

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