X-Payments Cloud Connector Add-on

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The X-Payments Cloud connector add-on for X-Cart 5 connects your X-Cart 5 based online store to X-Payments Cloud, a PSD2/SCA ready & PCI Level 1 certified payment service for secure credit card processing & storage in online shops. Note that the add-on is intended specifically for X-Payments Cloud and is not compatible with X-Payments v1.x-3.x.

Please be aware that to use X-Payments Cloud with your X-Cart store you will need an X-Payments Cloud account. That is different from an X-Payments account for use with X-Payments v1.x-3.x. If you do not yet have an X-Payments Cloud account, you will be able to create one right from the connection page in your X-Cart store Admin area.

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