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Connecting Your X-Cart Store to X-Payments Cloud
Connecting Your X-Cart Store to X-Payments Cloud

Learn about methods to connect X-Cart to X-Payments Cloud

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After the X-Payments Cloud Connector add-on installation, you can connect your store to X-Payments Cloud with it. Use the "X-Payments Cloud Settings" page for this purpose.

Read on for instructions on how to:

Access the "X-Payments Cloud Settings" Page

Use one of the following methods to access the X-Payments Cloud Connection add-on page in your store's Admin area:

Method 1

  1. In the sidebar menu of your X-Cart Admin area, select My Apps.

  2. Find the installed X-Payments Cloud Connector add-on and click on the Settings link.

    The most convenient way to find the add-on will be to search for "x-payments" or "cloud" in the search bar. The Settings link will be here.

  3. Clicking on the link will get you to the X-Payments Cloud Settings page opened at the Store Settings tab:

    You may choose to configure the Store Settings on this tab right away or do it later. To connect your X-Cart store to X-Payments Cloud, however, you will need to switch to the Payment Method tab on the same page and continue from there:

    Please see below for instructions on how to complete the connection process from the Payment Method tab:

Method 2

  1. In your store's Admin area, go to the payments listing page (Store Setup > Payment Methods).

  2. Scroll down the page to locate the X-Payments Cloud payment method:

    Then choose to configure that method:

Proceed with Connecting Your X-Cart Store to X-Payments Cloud

Once you get to the X-Payments Cloud Settings page, you are ready to proceed with connecting your X-Cart store to X-Payments Cloud.

On this page, you will need to create a new X-Payments Cloud account or provide the connection details for your existing X-Payments Cloud account.

If you do not have an existing X-Payments Cloud account

Choose to create an account with X-Payments Cloud:

  1. In the Your email field, specify the email address that you will use for the X-Payments Cloud account administrator.

  2. In the Account name field, specify your desired account name.

  3. After completing the above fields, click Create account.

    This will initiate the creation of an X-Payments Cloud account for you and start your 14 day trial period. No commitment and no credit card are required during the trial period.

    The creation of your X-Payments account is likely to take a few seconds. During this time you will see a screen as follows:

  4. In the end, you will see a prompt to set a password for your X-Payments Cloud account:

    Enter your desired password and type it once again for confirmation. Be sure to click Submit. For your convenience, you can use a link to Strong password generator.

After submitting your password, the connection of your store to your X-Payments Cloud account is basically completed. Now you can access the Payment processing page of your X-Payments Cloud admin panel right from your X-Cart store on the X-Payments Cloud Settings page:

You can control the availability of your X-Payments Cloud payment method and view the list of your X-Payments Cloud payment configurations without having to further authenticate yourself to X-Payments Cloud. You can even test your store’s checkout using the X-Payments Cloud payment method with X-Payments Demo Pay payment configuration.

For full-featured access to X-Payments Cloud, however, you will need to complete 2-step user authentication setup for your account. As soon as you provide the details of your first real payment configuration and choose to save them, you will see a page like the following:

You will need to set up 2-step user authentication to be able to continue.

Detailed information on setting up 2-step user authentication methods in X-Payments Cloud is available here.

Within 15 minutes after the X-Payments Cloud account creation, you will receive an email message with the "Welcome to X-Payments!" subject. In this message, you will find a link to confirm your X-Payments Cloud registration email address, valid within the next 24 hours. If you do not confirm the email address within that time, your X-Payments Cloud account will be locked.

"Locked" means that you will be able to sign in but will not have access to any sensitive information or settings.

Important: The email confirmation link expires in 24 hours. If you use the link after it has expired, you will get an error message. In this case, you will still be able to confirm your email address and unlock your account: sign in to the X-Payments Cloud admin panel, use the “Send confirmation link” button to request a new email confirmation link, wait for the email message with the confirmation link to be sent to your inbox, then use the link to confirm your email address. After this your account will be unlocked:

Your X-Payments Cloud trial will be available to you for 14 days. After that, your account will be deactivated but not yet deleted. You will know your X-Payments Cloud trial period has expired if the X-Payments Cloud settings page in your X-Cart store Admin area looks like this:

If you purchase an X-Payments subscription within the 30 days following your trial expiration, you will regain access to your X-Payments Cloud account and all settings you have configured in it. After the 30 day period, your account will be deleted permanently, and all the information associated with it will be lost.

You can find information on the available X-Payments subscription plans here.

If you already have an existing X-Payments Cloud account

  1. Use the "If you already have an X-Payments account, please click here" link at the bottom of the X-Payments Cloud connection page to access the page for X-Payments Cloud account sign-in:

  2. On the sign-in page, enter your account name and click Connect:

    This will connect your X-Cart store to your existing X-Payments Cloud account.
    You will see a screen like the following:

When connected, you will be able to view the X-Payments Cloud payment configurations list and enable/disable any existing payment configurations without additional authorization:

For full-featured access, however, additional authorization will be required. For example, when you choose to add a new payment configuration, you will be prompted to specify your X-Payments Cloud account registration email address and password:

as well as enter a one-time password for the 2nd step of user authentication:

For information on how to proceed, see X-Payments. Cloud: Getting Started.

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