File attachments associated with a digital product can be managed via the related product details' Attachments tab.

On this tab, a store admin can:

  • Add more than one attachment for a single product using the Add file button.

  • Change the title and description of your attachment by click anywhere within the respective fields. They will become editable.

  • Change the attachment file (or the file's location), using the […] icon to access the respective menu.

  • Delete the attachment using the Trash icon.

  • Use the Download (“down arrow”) icon to download the attachment file.

  • Use the Free/Paid toggle to specify whether the attachment file should be available to anyone who wants to access it or only to the product buyers who have paid for their order.

    Note that for files with “Paid” access, you can set the number of downloads and the number of days that the buyer should access them. This, however, is done not on a per-attachment basis but globally for your entire stock of products with paid attachments via the settings “Download link TTL (days)” and “Downloads limit (per 1 ordered item)” when configuring the E-goods add-on.

    Should you need to prolong access to an attachment for a specific customer, you will want to reset these values for the attachment in the customer’s order (on the E-goods tab of the Order details page; see the section E-goods Order Processing Routine for instructions on how to do it).

  • Use the Membership dropdown to specify the membership-based group of customers who should access the file.

  • Drag-n-drop attachments to change the order in which they are shown on the page.

Be sure to click Save changes to save any changes to the attachment details you have made.

If, according to the E-goods add-on settings, you have chosen to keep a history of attachment downloads, you can view the download history for your attachments via the History of downloads section of the Attachments tab in product details:

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